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Mary, did you know…

New lyrics ask more meaningful questions for our time and properly honour Mary (and Hannah and Miriam and Autumn and Greta and Malala and so many more)

A number of us play in a band called the Fallen Angles here at HT. After seeing the Pentatonix version of Mary Did You Know many years ago, we loved the melody and hook and talked about playing it, but couldn’t stomach the absurd “mansplainy” lyrics, so I never did anything to make it happen. However, it came up every year and then after a conversation in early Dec 2017, Jennifer volunteered to write some new lyrics. She did an amazing job and transformed this song into something authentic to us and inspiring to many. There are starting to be a few folks picking it up. This recording by Eric Lige is really beautiful. We’ve played it since 2017, but in 2020 we recorded it for our own history and Zoom-based worship. Scroll to the bottom for the Soundcloud link.

Keith Nunn, Fallen Angles

Mary did you know,
that your ancient words
would still leap off our pages?
Mary did you know,
that your spirit song
would echo through the ages?

Did you know that your holy cry
would be subversive word,
that the tyrants would be trembling
when they know your truth is heard?

Mary did you know,
that your lullaby
would stir your own Child’s passion?
Mary did you know,
that your song inspires
the work of liberation?

Did you know that your Jubilee
is hope within the heart
of all who dream of justice,
who yearn for it to start?

The truth will teach, the drum will sound, healing for the pain
The poor will rise, the rich will fall. Hope will live again

Mary did you know,
that we hear your voice
for the healing of the nations?
Mary did you know,
your unsettling cry
can help renew creation?

Do you know, that we need your faith,
the confidence of you,
May the God that you believe in,
be so true.

Lyrics by Jennifer Henry
(inspired by the popular song of the same name by Mark Lowry [lyrics] and Buddy Greene [music])

This recording features the current members of the Fallen Angles: Marty Crowder, Jennifer Henry, Keith Nunn, Rachel Warden, and a couple of friends, Cassie Henry and John Puchiele. I’m not a recording engineer or producer so I hope you’ll be kind to our pandemic project.

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