Emotional Mastery in Dark Times

Workshop Series

Disciplines from DBT to Cope (and Maybe Sometimes Even Thrive) Amid Sorrows, Terrors and Horrors

Alejandra Lindan

Some of us have already met a couple times for what was intended to be a “one-off” workshop based in dialectical behaviour therapy (aka DBT, which is the model I work from in my therapy practice). But some have expressed interest in coming back together to deepen these practices of anchored grieving amid the incomprehensible. As I’ve said, the vibe is more practical than group hug, and yet there’s a deep and spiritual lovingkindness that underlies these gatherings. 
So we’re planning on offering this now as a monthly series during, but for small gatherings of 6-8 people at a time. Every other month will be a repeat of the original “intro” workshop for those who haven’t been to that and are interested. On the alternate months, we’ll branch out into deeper and/or complementary practices that extend from these. If there’s greater interest than 6-8 people per month, we’ll figure it out.