Life after Covid-19

path in the woods (Photo by Malka on Unsplash)

Sherman Hesselgrave

God’s people have a rich repertoire of tales about surviving floods, plagues, political upheaval, and every form of human cruelty. Some of the stories that come to mind: Joseph (of “technicolour dreamcoat” fame), who was thrown into a deep pit by his brothers to die, later becomes the Minister of Agriculture in Egypt and the one who saves those very brothers and the whole family from starving to death. The prophets Elisha and Elijah performed life-saving miracles for widows. Jesus brings his friend Lazarus back from the dead. Paul is rescued after a shipwreck in the Mediterranean.

Many of us have been wondering how some of the positive things we have been experiencing in the midst of this pandemic can be incorporated into life after Covid-19. Those of us in leadership at Holy Trinity have been thinking about this as well. What kinds of technology might become part of a new routine? What implications are there for how we use our space in the future? What do we do to stay connected to people who have found us via Zoom during this time? These are not easy questions to answer, but day by day more and more people are acknowledging that the new normal will look different than what “normal” used to look like for us.

My sojourn among you will conclude in a few weeks, but those continuing on the Vestry Executive Committee will be mindful of these questions as the pandemic moves on. Keep track of ideas that occur to you that deserve further discussion and consideration down the road.