A Circle of Compassion:

seeking a spirituality without dogma

Some people believe much that the church has traditionally taught. Some believe little but have found ways to stay. Some have left or have thought about it. Some, believing little or none of the dogma of the church are struggling to stay. People holding all these positions are welcome to join the conversation.

At each meeting we will focus our discussion around a selected article, podcast or book. For this first meeting we will be reading “Finding God outside the church walls” by Barbara Brown Taylor, author of Leaving Church. Participants will share in the selection of future readings and topics.

We’ll be trying this in person and online using Zoom.

Tues, Sep 22; 7pm (on Zoom)

This is an on-line version of our new in person gatherings on the same theme. If you can come in person we’d love to see you in the flesh on Sep 15, otherwise we look forward to welcoming you online.

Register for Sep 22 on Zoom

We had hoped to host an in person version, but those plans are on hold for the moment.

Dianne Mesh is an experienced and sensitive facilitator of group discussions of spirituality and faith. She is currently the interim priest on staff at Holy Trinity.
Keith Nunn is interested in people and community. He is biblically and theologically literate, but is no longer a  theist. He has been a member of Holy Trinity for more than 25 years.