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ACT Alliance Support Reaching Haiti

The Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) sent an initial grant of $15,000 for ACT’s Rapid Response Program. As of Monday, PWRDF has responded with an additional grant of $35,000.

News Update from ACT International

Geneva: In the chaos of aid distribution, ACT Alliance members are managing to get food, temporary shelter, water cleaning materials and expertise to the Haitian capital.

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Housing activists remember three more homeless deaths in Toronto

A sombre memorial vigil marked by both song and silence commemorated three more homeless deaths in Toronto during the monthly vigil held Tuesday outside the Church of the Holy Trinity.

More than 30 people cupping candles that flickered in the cold morning air gathered in the courtyard of the Eaton Centre at noon, as they do on the second Tuesday of every month.

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Multi-faith Dialogue on Homelessness

Interfaith Panel Discussion at the University of Toronto’s Multi-Faith Centre (569 Spadina Avenue, Toronto–northeast of the circle) on Sunday, November 29th, 2:00 to 4:00 PM.  Moderated by Sherman Hesselgrave.  Panelists:Imam Abdul Hai Patel, The Right Revd Terry Finlay, Rabbi Tina Grimberg, Nancy Dinnigan-Prashad, Pundit Eshwar Maharaj-Doobay.

Homeless memorial remembers those who died on the streets

By John Bonnar, | August 15, 2009

They held candles, bowed their heads and observed a moment of silence for the men, women and children who died of homelessness in Toronto.

“This month we have no new names that must be added,” said the minister.

“Not that we know of anyway,” said one of the mourners.

“We pray this month we were spared more deaths,” added the minister.

On the second Tuesday of the month, they gather outside the Church of the Holy Trinity to mourn the dead. The Homeless Memorial, a small wooden structure near the steps to the entrance, contains over 600 names of those who have lived and died on the streets.

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Church of the Holy Trinity Called to Bless Same-Sex Marriages

For Immediate Release
TORONTO-June 17, 2007 – On the eve of a national meeting of the Anglican Church of Canada (General Synod) in which the blessing of same-sex unions is to be debated, the Church of the Holy Trinity, an Anglican Church in downtown Toronto, pledges to bless same-sex unions regardless of the outcome.

In a special meeting of the congregation, members declared this issue to be a matter of love, justice and ultimately conscience. “Providing an equal pastoral response to same-sex couples who present themselves for blessing or marriage as to couples of the opposite sex is a matter of conscience and integrity for the clergy and people of the Church of the Holy Trinity in Toronto”, the statement says.

In taking this step, the congregation affirmed their intention of remaining in the Anglican Church of Canada and the worldwide Anglican communion. “We are sincerely hoping that General Synod will recognize the sanctity and equality of same-sex relationships. But if they do not, we must do what we are called in conscience to do. It is not our intention to leave, but to stay in our Church and have our act of conscience respected”, says Jim Love, Warden at Holy Trinity.

The Church of the Holy Trinity has long been a leader on social justice issues, including solidarity with gay and lesbian people. In
addition to this public statement, the church has sent an open letter to the Canadian House of Bishops, and a message to all General Synod delegates asking them to move forward in justice. “We simply can’t wait any longer, and continue to call ourselves a people serving a God of justice and love”, says The Reverend Sara Boyles, Incumbent at the Church of the Holy Trinity.

General Synod 2007 of the Anglican Church of Canada begins June 19th in Winnipeg .


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