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Lifelong member Morgan Baskin running for mayor

Morgan Baskin, who was baptised at Holy Trinity 18 years ago, has started her run for mayor of Toronto. She has attracted quite a bit of media attention. She was interviewed for the Toronto Anglican last month and shared some of her thoughts with them.

“Young people bring a different and outside perspective, and we’re not hearing that right now. Young people bring fresh ideas. We’re inventors and forward-thinkers and activists and change-makers, and we need to be given opportunities and bring our voices to politics.

I’ve learned that people are ready for change and they love this city and they want it to do well.

The May issue of The Anglican

The May issue of The Anglican

I get emails from young people who say, ‘You’ve actually made me excited to vote for the first time. I turn 18 in August and I’m so excited to be able to vote for the first time. I will be voting for you.’

I got an email the other day from someone who was 24 and had never voted. He said, ‘You made me understand why we have politics, and you made me feel like I have a voice and will be heard.’

I grew up in a church, surrounded by a community of people, and still am. It’s definitely a part of why I’m running and my value system. We
have to care for our homeless population and people who need hous-
ing and people who need jobs. I have to care for our environment.”

When you hear her speak, you can certainly feel her roots in our community. You can read more in the May issue of the Toronto Anglican.

Back in 2008 when she was 12, she was interviewed by the Toronto Star after our Earth Hour service and had this to say:

“Earth Hour is important to me because my kids and grandkids will be living on this Earth, I don’t want my kids to be around for the end of the Earth.”

“Earth Hour should just be the beginning. We can’t just keep driving our SUVs and Hummers and throwing out our BlackBerrys and cellphones.”

That full article is still online.

She also shared some thoughts about Don and Alice Heap on her Tumblr blog this past week: “He asked me about school, and both he and Alice always had a smile for me, they were the first to explain what a peace poppy was, they were fixtures in my life.”

Her website if you’re interested is There are many more media links there.

Morgan is just one of the fascinating and involved people who are part of our community. We hope to feature more of our members from time to time.

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