Sermon Archive

Not all of these were delivered in a church service, but they all fit the bill of being a reflection on a text, issue or feeling for the community. We hope you will find inspiration here.

Recent sermons

13th Sunday After Pentecost

Today we read Romans and The Gospel According to Matthew. Rev. Pam Trondson offers the homily. A Sermon from Pam…

12th Sunday After Pentecost

Today we read a poem by John Greenleaf Whittier and the Book of Genesis. The congregation reflects on Forgiveness with…

Emancipation Sunday

Please join us in celebrating this Emancipation Sunday. We read A Litany for Survival by Audre Lorde, ‘About the Woman…

Random sermons

a small wave breaks on the shore

Water is Life

Sermon from Dianne Mesh Those of you who were here last Sunday may remember how, during ourcommunity reflection time, I…

Maiden Voyage

Years ago, I was preparing an address for my first congregational meeting as the new pastor. I had titled it…

April 23 worship online only

While the church building is closed for electrical upgrades we will meet online only. Regular in person worship resumes April 30.