Marilyn on inclusive education

Marilyn Dolmage joined Holy Trinity many years ago with her partner Jim and oldest son Matthew. Matthew thought HT would be a good place to be and was an active member for many years until his death in 2004. Marilyn recently spoke with other associates at Inclusive Education Canada about her work. “In this “Let’s […]

Poem in Honour of Matthew Dolmage

This poem is to honour Matthew Dolmage, who was born April 2, 1974 and who died February 21, 2004. His mother Marilyn wrote it, and would like to recognize all the ways Matthew’s memory remains among the people and within the sanctuary of The Church of the Holy Trinity. Matthew heard the birds in Bach. So […]

Re-Membering: Rights and Relationships

Advent 4 – December 21, 2014 by Marilyn Dolmage Today’s two Bible readings involve Faith and Mystery. The Doxology in Romans tells the faithful that God “alone is wise.” And we read in Luke that “Nothing will be impossible with God”: Here, Mary and Elizabeth faithfully accept the mystery that pregnancy involves for every woman, […]

“Money Can’t Pay For A Life”

I would like especially to call your attention to Canada’s History Magazine – at All in one place, this includes: information about an article on HRC which will appear in their latest edition (on newstands today or tomorrow, I expect). Heartbreak in Huronia was written by Heather Robertson a fabulous photo of HRC class action lead plaintiffs Marie Slark and Pat […]

Every one is expected. Everyone is included.

Church of the Holy Trinity – March 6, 2005 Homily by Marilyn Dolmage It’s been interesting for me to learn more about how worship is planned and shared at Holy Trinity – from this chance to participate. Susie invited a group of us to take part in Lenten worship and we all commented on how […]