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Photo of doors and towers of a gothic church and adjescent hotel taken from ground level looking up. Clouds pass the towers in a blue sky.

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We are a community who express faith through lives of integrity, justice and compassion. We celebrate the arts, foster lay leadership, include the doubter and marginalized, and challenge oppression wherever it may be found.

loving justice in the heart of the city


Our Sunday worship at 10:30am is dynamic and leadership is shared—In person and also via Zoom.

Our spirituality is not just about Sunday, from time to time we hold workshops, discussion groups and retreats.

On Wed at 5pm we have an informal coffee hour on Zoom. We hope to restart our Lifting Spirits events soon.


Early in the pandemic Unity Kitchen launched to meet the loss of other supports. Since 1991, our Refugee Committee has brought more than 130 refugees to Canada.

The HT community has engaged in work in many different areas over our long history in this place: LGBTQ+, war resistance, housing, Toronto Homeless Memorial, hospice care, ableism, Indigenous rights and more.

Echo Women's Choir Winter Concert Dec 2017


We have a long history of engagement in the arts. Two ongoing programs are Music Mondays and The Christmas Story. We're also home to the Echo Women's Choir.

Our windows, altar frontals, and ceiling are lasting expressions of art in this place, but we have also hosted exhibits of many kinds from single artist shows to concerts , recording sessions and book launches.


We were founded in 1847 as the first "free pew" church in Toronto. In our early days we were very much part of "The Ward" and developed a thirst for justice, art and community that continues to this day

A short history of Holy Trinity from 1847 to the recent past.

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