Music Mondays

Final concert 2015 (1) Held in the historic Church of the Holy Trinity, Music Mondays is a weekly noon-hour concert series that celebrates Toronto’s talented musicians. Beginning in 1991, Music Mondays has presented 24 seasons of classical, jazz, and world music, featured premieres of compositions, and hosted thirty piece orchestras, all with the support of the Toronto Arts Council and CBC Radio 2.

Music Mondays supports young artists just beginning their careers as well as veteran classical musicians, many of whom have performed in celebrated concert halls around the world. It aims to make music, especially classical music, accessible to all music lovers, regardless of economic situation.

Music Mondays is currently preparing for its 25th season. Beginning in May 2016, Artistic Director Ian Grundy, Chair Jean Robinson, and their dedicated team will present concerts featuring pianists, organists, violinists, brass, and ensembles, all while celebrating Music Mondays’ long and continued involvement in the downtown community.

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Peter, videographer

Peter Turner (left) records concerts which can be found on the Music Mondays website.

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