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Lovingly Your Stars and Planets

Lovingly your stars and planets tread the blissful reach of space,where in their stupendous singing they return you grace for grace.Though we are a small


Let Justice Roll

Let justice roll, like a mighty riverA-movin’ fast, down to the seaIt will erode, all our foundations Touch every heart, and every nationLet justice roll,

Come and Follow

“Come and follow, follow me,” says our brother Jesus.“for my yoke will set you free from all fear and pretence.My way’s exodus and we shall

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Dry-Bone Valley

Ezekiel 37:1-14 It’s like trying to stay upright, scorched and breathless, in the blast of some sneezing rot-toothed dragon. This guided tour, God, is tough

Songs, poems & prayers

The Canticle of High Park

North: We give thanks to the Creator Who fashioned this haven Now so busy yet so hospitable amid our second-order creations of steel, glass and

Songs, poems & prayers

Holy Trinity Psalter

Inclusive language paraphrases of the Psalms by Ian Sowton, Holy Trinity Community, 2005. Forward This is not a new translation of the Psalms.  It is a

Songs, poems & prayers

Blessing for Waking

This blessing couldpound on your doorin the middle ofthe night. This blessing couldbang on your window,could tap dancein your hall,could set a dog loosein your