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Come and Follow

“Come and follow, follow me,” says our brother Jesus.
“for my yoke will set you free from all fear and pretence.
My way’s exodus and we shall soon leave behind us
cruel oppression’s diligence, howsoever dang’rous.”

As we journey, journey on, sometimes weary, cheerless:
plundered earth and freedoms gone, greed, waste, slaughter wrong turns.
Yet for ev’ry hurt that’s done we seek loving redress,
as the Christ in us affirms Yes to hope and kindness.

Far ahead your city gleams, built of love undying;
living Godhead from it streams, Being of all beings.
In its kindly warming beams ev’ry tear is drying;
Mercy dances, Justice sings, grace to grace replying.

Words by Ian Sowton (2006)

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