for those who are… Grieving the Death of a Partner

If it has come to that, feel free to give rein to the outraged helplessness at the injustice of having to watch a beloved human being endure a difficult departure from this world. Perhaps it hasn’t come to that; perhaps your partner has been heavily drugged for some time and you’ve already whispered goodbyes and […]

Come and Follow

“Come and follow, follow me,” says our brother Jesus.“for my yoke will set you free from all fear and pretence.My way’s exodus and we shall soon leave behind uscruel oppression’s diligence, howsoever dang’rous.” As we journey, journey on, sometimes weary, cheerless:plundered earth and freedoms gone, greed, waste, slaughter wrong turns.Yet for ev’ry hurt that’s done […]

Lenten Psalm (also suitable for December)

Winter of Toronto town has come                                                                                                    […]

Dry-Bone Valley

Photo by Wendell Shinn on Unsplash

Ezekiel 37:1-14 It’s like trying to stay upright, scorched and breathless, in the blast of some sneezing rot-toothed dragon. This guided tour, God, is tough going. As vistas go, it’s in questionable taste–hills bare-ribbed and drought-dried to the bone; Satan plays Lego with Rwandan skeletons, chews over the remains of hope in Darfur and a […]

The Canticle of High Park

North: We give thanks to the Creator Who fashioned this haven Now so busy yet so hospitable amid our second-order creations of steel, glass and concrete. East: We give thanks for the generosity and foresight that conserved this treasure. Yet we acknowledge that we are enjoying ourselves on land appropriated in bad faith, that early […]

Stone says to seed

Photo by Andras Kovacs on Unsplash

    Stone says to seed: Above I bask in sun or mock the cold, below it’s blindman’s buff with brother stones, light and dark, dark and light are     all the same to me     all the same to me     Root says to seed: I work my way round or push way through, earth […]

Wisdom Led the New Stars Burning

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

Wisdom led the new stars burningin the first steps of their dance,and she smiled to see earth blushingat the sun’s warm primal glance.Joyous firstling of God’s action,sign of heaven’s inventiveness,Wisdom plays with clearest pleasurein creation’s lavishness. Cherished darling of God’s bosom. العب كازينو bright Sophia pleads our case;we are creatures she delights in,Wisdom will not […]

Deep Life All Abounding

Photo by MITCH BOEHN on Unsplash

Deep life all aboundingwhose voice goes on soundingthe word of creation through space;your love still is schoolingprime stars in their moving,and new worlds unfurl in your grace. We hear tell the storyof your ample gloryfrom creatures that roll off your tongue:the swimmers, the fliers,all diggers and sliders —the brood that you rear us among. So […]