Wisdom Led the New Stars Burning

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

Wisdom led the new stars burning
in the first steps of their dance,
and she smiled to see earth blushing
at the sun’s warm primal glance.
Joyous firstling of God’s action,
sign of heaven’s inventiveness,
Wisdom plays with clearest pleasure
in creation’s lavishness.

Cherished darling of God’s bosom.
bright Sophia pleads our case;
we are creatures she delights in,
Wisdom will not leave our race.
Still she cries in streets and gateways,
raising her prophetic fuss;
though we snub her she refuses
ever to despair of us.

Those who join the Jesus-movement
hear in Christ Sophia’s call:
I decline your ritual offerings,
give me equity for all.
When will you admit my outcasts,
dignify my dispossessed?
Never mind your solemn gatherings—
do the gospel you’ve professed.

From the breast of Christ-Sophia
milk of justice kindly flows,
feeds our will to love creation
grace to live in hope bestows.
Kingdom come is what we look for,
easy yoked and burdened light;
one day all shall join with Wisdom
carefree, playing in delight.

Ian Sowton,
January, 1991
Tune: Wisdom (Sandra Sears)