We meet at 10:30am on Sundays

Our worship is active and shared. We are constantly looking for and writing liturgy that reflects who we are as a community. Please join us in person, or if you are not able to, you can join us on Zoom also, as our services are run in a hybrid format that includes all.
Some of the prayers and hymns we use—and that we or our members hold rights to—are visible in our Hymns, Psalms and Prayers section.

Recent posts about worship

First Sunday of Lent

We have entered the Season of Lent and we welcome you to celebrate with us as we read from Genesis and Gospel According to Mark. In place

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Feast of the Transfiguration

This week we celebrate the Feast of the Transfiguration. We read from Second Book of Kings, a poem by Martin Guite, and Gospel according to Matthew. Sermon

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Epiphany 5

This week we read “Simple Weight” inspired by Luke as well as Luke’s Gospel Chapter 2 Verses 22-40. Our sermon is a visit from Anna herself! Live

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Epiphany 3

Join us in celebrating the Third Week of Epiphany. Service coordinated by Vivian Harrower and Homily from Bill Whitla. Live music provided by Allison Leyton-Brown A Sermon

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Looking at the west doors of Holy Trinity from Bay St.

Join us for Christmas

Warmest Greetings! It is with gladness that we invite you to join with all who can come, in-person at Holy Trinity, or online on zoom, to celebrate the

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Advent 3

We welcome you to join us in celebrating the Third Sunday of Advent. We read from Isaiah, Saint John the Cross and Gospel According to Luke. Readers

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Songs, poems & prayers

Photo by Wendell Shinn on Unsplash

Dry-Bone Valley

Ezekiel 37:1-14 It’s like trying to stay upright, scorched and breathless, in the blast of some sneezing rot-toothed dragon. This guided tour, God, is tough

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Applique altar frontal showing a stylized Mary cradling her new baby.

The Midwife’s Carol

1.The birth itself was not too hardgood presentation, fine strong mumbut my dear it was a circusI thought that half the town had comeWash him

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The Canticle of High Park

North: We give thanks to the Creator Who fashioned this haven Now so busy yet so hospitable amid our second-order creations of steel, glass and

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April 23 worship online only

While the church building is closed for electrical upgrades we will meet online only. Regular in person worship resumes April 30.