Lovingly Your Stars and Planets

Lovingly your stars and planets tread the blissful reach of space,
where in their stupendous singing they return you grace for grace.
Though we are a small creation, slight jewel in your crown of lights—
you have made us too for learning Love’s demands and Love’s delights.

Ceaselessly, without conditions, you have put the lover’s case
while we spend our time inventing limits to our love’s embrace.
From all fraudulent exclusions save us, teach us neighbour’s rights:
liturgies of human loving have been set to various rites.

Loving trust is strong and gentle, beautiful as ancient lace.
In your Christ is beauty showing that Love has a human face.
Christ among us weaves strong unions that outwear all doubts and slights.
Bless us fragile partners learning Love’s demands and Love’s delights.

Ian Sowton, 1994