How do we inhabit this place?

Keith Nunn co-ordinator, preacher and presiderAllison Leyton-Brown music co-ordinatorDave Butko technical co-ordinator Sermon only

An early Christmas gift

Keith Nunn, one the key leaders of the Fallen Angles band here at HT is in hospital and knew he wouldn’t be able to to anything in the run up to Christmas. He and the other current Fallen Angles, Ann Bisch, Marty Crowder, Jennifer Henry and Rachel Warden, made a recording of Robbie Robertson’s Christmas […]

William Prince and Serena Ryder perform for the Junos at HT

The sparks were flying on Junos night. During Sunday’s awards show honouring the best in Canadian music, William Prince was joined by Serena Ryder for a performance of his song “The Spark”. Full story at ET Canada:

Lifting Spirits Tonight (April 15)

Blue Sky Cocktail I’ve been up and down with radiation, chemo and getting my vaccine shot. However, I’m on an upswing this morning and I plan to go ahead with Lifting spirits tonight with “The Sky” as my theme. Sometimes in the city, the sky is elusive. On the one hand, an elegant tower can […]

Let Justice Roll

Let justice roll, like a mighty riverA-movin’ fast, down to the seaIt will erode, all our foundations Touch every heart, and every nationLet justice roll, like a mighty river Through you and me, let justice roll And those who live by rule of powerWill find their swords turned into ploughsAnd all the rich, they shall […]


Now the moment I flowed out from the Creator all creatures stood and shouted: “Behold here is God!” They were correct. For you ask me: Who is God? What is God? I reply: Isness. Isness is God. Where there is isness, there God is. Creation is the giving of isness from God. And that is […]

Do-ing and Be-ing

Sunset over Hallum Street

When Dianne asked me if I would preach, I thought, “sure, it’s been a while. I can do this”. In those moments I think about the things that have been going through my thoughts lately and are driving my choices for myself and for my family and community. In those moments I find it easy […]

Burying the Dead, A Spirited Conversation

This is not a workshop about death and death practices (not this time, but we’re probably due to hold one again). This is another in our series of Spirited Conversations in response to a reading, video, or podcast. This time we’ll be responding to the first episode of Brian Pearson’s podcast Mystic Cave. He describes […]