Picture of Keith Nunn

Keith Nunn

While Keith has been many things in his life—tech worker, musician, bartender, lover, father, activist, theologian, athiest—the common thread is a fascination with what makes place and community. He thinks that the most important question faith can ask is not, "who is god?," but "how are we to be with each other?" He currently lives in the Corktown area of Toronto and is working to make his communities the best they can be.
Looking at the west doors of Holy Trinity from Bay St.

Join us for Christmas

Warmest Greetings! It is with gladness that we invite you to join with all who can come, in-person at Holy Trinity, or online on zoom, to

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Trinity Hub update

Greetings Everyone, First and foremost, in addition to regular service, we will also be hosting an ID clinic for people who have lost their ID

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