Keith Nunn

Musician, bartender, lover, activist, theologian, athiest, feminist, queerish, generally earnest and troublesome individual.

Two older people walk away from the camera. Photo by mostafa meraji on Unsplash

for those who are… Angry at old age

you can’t win. Nobody does—though that of course is no comfort. As to managing the exasperations, frustrations, and angers that can attend old age, it’s okay to take moments to vent, like turning the air around you blue when you hit your shin against a drawer that you forgot was still open; or being ambushed by a loud fart at an inappropriate moment; or being caught short and dampening your underwear.

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A Circle of Compassion:

seeking a spirituality without dogma

Some people believe much that the church has traditionally taught. Some believe little but have found ways to stay. Some have left or have thought about it. Some, believing little or none of the dogma of the church are struggling to stay. People holding all these positions are welcome to join the conversation.

At each meeting we will focus our discussion around a selected article, podcast or book. For this first meeting we will be reading “Finding God outside the church walls” by Barbara Brown Taylor, author of Leaving Church. Participants will share in the selection of future readings and topics.

We’ll be trying this in person and online using Zoom.

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Lifting Spirits: Bees and cocktails

Thank you to everyone who made the return of Lifting Spirits tonight so lovely. See you next week for a new cocktail, songs, poetry and camaraderie.