Picture of Keith Nunn

Keith Nunn

While Keith has been many things in his life—tech worker, musician, bartender, lover, father, activist, theologian, athiest—the common thread is a fascination with what makes place and community. He thinks that the most important question faith can ask is not, "who is god?," but "how are we to be with each other?" He currently lives in the Corktown area of Toronto and is working to make his communities the best they can be.

Lost Together

a homily at HT, April 27, 2014 “We believe in one God,the Father, the Almighty,maker of heaven and earth,of all that is, seen and unseen.”

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Marilyn’s Wisdom

In the fall of 2010, Marilyn Ferrel, a woman who all her life has battled the physical challenges of cerebral palsy and the emotional challenges

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