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Pandemic Sunday 1 – A Disparate Gathering

Our original service plan didn’t seem to quite fit the sudden format change or the people who now found themselves leading our first Disparate Gathering of the Community. The result was delightful, if somewhat improvised. Not everyone was able to join us, so here it is. Seems like the audio for the musical parts is a little dodgy. Sorry about that. I’ll see what I can figure out for next time.

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Always Open

It’s important to remember:
church doesn’t close. Ever.

We may need to temporarily stop our face-to-face, full-on-peace-passing, communion-by-intinction,
and offering-of-the-plates,
but the church –
the body of Christ –
is a 24/7/365 reality.

It’s lived, around the world,
and in our homes;
it acts, when our hearts reach out;
it keeps going,
wherever there is one disciple of Jesus,
or two, or three –
living the Way we’ve been taught.

And, with Paul, I’d like to remind you
there is nothing –
there is NOTHING –
not a single thing –
not in the sky above, or the earth below,
not powers, nor principalities,
not things seen, or unseen –
nothing in all creation
that can separate that creation
from God’s love in Christ.

We are the church.
And all ways.

Richard Bott is Moderator of the United Church of Canada. He recently joined with us in a welcome of Toronto Urban Native Ministry to our Spiritual Campus in the heart of Toronto.

SAVE Trinity Square & Toronto’s Heritage

We need your support! An application has been filed to add 60 storeys to the 10-storey building on Trinity Square at 483-491 Bay St. & 20 Albert St.  This is almost 4 times the height of what is currently allowed in that location by the City of Toronto Official Plan.

If approved, this building would essentially put Toronto’s Official Plan in the shredder.  It would overwhelm some of our most iconic architecture and public spaces: Old City Hall, Nathan Philip’s Square, Trinity Square, and the historic Church of the Holy Trinity campus.

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Trinity Square, with its fountain, labyrinth and paved walkways is one of the few peaceful public spaces in the downtown where citizens can seek out sunlight and fresh air during the day.  

How can you help?

  1. Phone and write Mayor John Tory and your local Ward Councillor. 
  2. Write a letter to the editor of the Toronto Star, the Toronto Sun or the Globe and Mail.
  3. Spread the word!

Phone and write to members of Council:

Make your views known to Mayor John Tory and your local Ward Councillor.

Tell your elected representatives that local democracy matters.  Developers need to respect and work within our Official Plan.

Underline that respecting our built heritage means preserving its setting.  This is upheld by Toronto’s Official Plan, the Provincial Policy Statement and the international Venice Charter (ICOMOS).

Emphasize that both urban trees and urban humans need access to sunlight in public spaces.

Letter to the editor:

Email the Toronto Star, the Toronto Sun and the Globe and Mail.
(contact information pending).

Spread the word!

For more information:

You can view a copy of the Preliminary Report providing background information at: 

To speak to the planner directly, contact Derek Waltho, at 416-392-0412 or You may mail your comments to the planner at Toronto and East York District, 100 Queen St W Floor 18 E Toronto On, M5H 2N2. 

You may also contact Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, Ward 13, at (416) 392-7903.

We’re Hiring! – Worship and Pastoral Care Coordinator

Church of the Holy Trinity is looking for a priest to join our our community. Please share through your networks.

Job Posting- Worship and Pastoral Care Coordinator

Full-time, includes housing allowance, 2 year renewable contract

Grounded in a history of social justice and hospitality, open to Spirit and creativity, mindful of the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and unwilling to settle for easy answers — the community of the Church of the Holy Trinity has always had a heart for the city in the heart of downtown Toronto.

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