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Keith Nunn

While Keith has been many things in his life—tech worker, musician, bartender, lover, father, activist, theologian, athiest—the common thread is a fascination with what makes place and community. He thinks that the most important question faith can ask is not, "who is god?," but "how are we to be with each other?" He currently lives in the Corktown area of Toronto and is working to make his communities the best they can be.

Let Justice Roll

Let justice roll, like a mighty riverA-movin’ fast, down to the seaIt will erode, all our foundations Touch every heart, and every nationLet justice roll,

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Now the moment I flowed out from the Creator all creatures stood and shouted: “Behold here is God!” They were correct. For you ask me:

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Sunset over Hallum Street

Do-ing and Be-ing

When Dianne asked me if I would preach, I thought, “sure, it’s been a while. I can do this”. In those moments I think about

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Jennifer Henry

Jennifer Henry was the Executive Director of KAIROS: Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives, from 2012-2020. She has worked in ecumenical social justice for over 25 years,

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