Mary’s Song


This service is on opportunity to delve into Mary’s song musically, emotionally, and physically. The worship leadership will be moving from place to place and we invite you to participate in as many ways as you feel comfortable. We recognize that this does not fit our familiar pattern, but hope the richness of words, images, and actions will offer much to your spiritual experience this morning.

The service will be in 4 movements:

  1. Relationship (Family/community/gathering). Who do you run to? Who do you talk to?
  2. Revolution/Re-creation (Justice). “The arc of the universe bends toward justice.”
  3. Redress/Reconciliation (Jubilee). What is a good thing?
  4. Response (Action). How do we respond? What are we to do?

Throughout, adults create a chain of ideas, hopes, concerns, intentions. “These are the chains we forge in life.” We are taking the words of Jacob Marley breathing alternate meanings into them.

Youth will create specific thematic pieces at each movement and contribute to our centrepiece.

There is a large newsprint sheet to capture thoughts and images as we go. We won’t specifically make this happen at any point, it will simply be one of the options to express ourselves during the service.

The small piece of Turtle Island that we call Toronto has supported humanity for more than 10,000 years.
As we gather here, we recognise the Wendat, great diplomats and farmers, who held this land when Europeans first came. We recognise the Haudenosaunee, fearsome warriors and hunters, who held these lands after death and disease pushed the Wendat north and east.

We recognise the Mississaugas of the Credit who, through alliance with the Haudenosaunee, held these lands until very recent times.
We recognise and honour all people who have cared diligently and respectfully for these lands though all the years to the present day

PDF: HT bulletin Sun Dec 20 – Marys Song


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