King Lear at The Toronto Homeless Memorial

On Tuesday, February 13th at the  Toronto Homeless Memorial a small excerpt of King Lear, called Too Little Care will be performed. Walter Borden, actor, playwright, activist and member of the Order of Canada, will take the title role. Peyton LeBarr and Michael Bennet Leroux round out the cast as Kent and the Fool, respectively.
Lear is a King who finds himself homeless and dispossessed in the middle of a terrible storm. He comes to the realization that people in his kingdom live like this all the time, and that he, as ruler, has “(taken) too little care of this”.

King Lear’s realization calls the comfortable to account. The assembly will shout with Lear “Oh I have ta’en too little care of this!” at the end, when cued. This will be rehearsed with the crowd in before the excerpt is performed.
Join us as we mourn those who have died as a result of homelessness, and advocate for a city free from poverty.