2 Historic pews for sale

These pews or benches were built in 1847 and have been in continuous use at Church of the Holy Trinity at Yonge and Dundas since that time. They were built by local craftspeople using pine cut in the forests around the 1847 edges of Toronto, now just uptown.

Many bottoms have rested on these pews over the years: rich and poor, young and old, politicians and citizens. They have been rattled with music from choirs, organs, and bands of many kinds — the Cowboy Junkies recorded here and rested on them in the 80s. This place has been at the centre of many community moments in 172 years. They have been slept on and around by draft dodgers, endured fire and flood. Now it’s time for some to go to new homes to allow new life for them and for those that remain.

We are presently accepting bids on two of these heritage pews. There is some cracking and damage to the pews. The photos are all labelled A or B to show the damage on each pew. They could be repaired and used as seating or could be dismantled and re-used as details in another piece, perhaps as bar or table ends and top, or even simply used as the historic wood in something else entirely.

If you have an interest, please send your bid/offer for each pew to property@holytrinity.to before July 30.
We will review all offers and award the pews to the two highest bidders.

Proceeds of this sale will support the maintenance of this historic building. We would appreciate your sharing this posting with anyone you think might be interested in these pews and supporting this magnificent piece of Toronto past and very much present.

If you are a member of Holy Trinity and this is news to you, please speak to a member of the property committee to get an update on the plan. We intend to keep most of the pews.


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