Jubilee (sound out the trumpet)

Sound out the trumpet, cease working and tiling.
Rest now and play for the sabbath has come.
Learn to be dancers and singers and lovers.
Learn to delight in the earth as our home.

Spirit of hope, will you guide us tomorrow
That we might live in a bright new today?
All shall be equal, in good health with no sorrow,
All shall be free as we declare liberty.

Wealth shall be shared with all peoples and nations:
Riches, be given to all who have need,
Debt, be forgotten as each one is able;
Power, used fairly, an end to all greed.

Justice and truth are the fruits of God’s table.
Now we proclaim ’tis the year Jubilee:
Working together as each one is able;
Come join the feast ’neath the life-giving tree.

Becca Whitla 2000

Tune: Brightest and Best (American folk hymn)