Car caravan to protest city and provincial neglect of homeless in pandemic

Tomorrow, May 6th, at 12 noon,  Torontonians will hold a car caravan protest to demand that the city and province immediately house all people experiencing homelessness in order to prevent COVID-19 deaths. Protesters will draw attention to the basic hypocrisy of governments asking people to “stay home” and practice physical distancing while abandoning thousands of homeless people in congregate living arrangements in shelters and respites. 

Demands of the protest include:

  • Urgently move people into hotel rooms or housing.
  • Implement harm reduction services and safer supply programs within all hotel and isolation sites.
  • Provide adequate PPE to staff and residents.
  • Implement regular and rapid on-site screening and testing at shelters and drop-ins and respites. 

While the city announced 1200 hotel rooms a month ago, and has acquired some temporary housing units this week,- many homeless people unable to get into shelters are forced to camp in tents. The City has now stated it plans to clear tent encampments. Outbreaks are confirmed in at least 9 shelters, respites or drop-ins, with over 200 homeless people testing positive, even though testing has not been widely performed in the shelter system. 

“Torontonians know everyone deserves a home to be able to stay safe and healthy. Lack of housing has been an emergency in this city for far too long.  It is critical that housing needs are addressed and maintained after the pandemic too,” states Simone Schmidt, a musician and action organizer. “As of late April, it is difficult if not impossible for people from the streets to find a safe bed indoors. Shelters remain overcrowded,” they stated.

“Clearing encampments while there is literally nowhere else to go and nowhere to be safe, is beyond cruel,” states Jessica Lyons, nurse and event organizer.

Organizers of the action are emphasizing the safe nature of the protest. “During the action, individuals will not be coming into contact with each other, and will be riding in their vehicles only with people who live in the same household,” says Orion Keresztesi, organizer and trade unionist.   

“The city and province must act with the urgency and speed that this crisis warrants and that those experiencing homelessness deserve.  No one should be left behind,” states Caitlin Hewitt-White, a caravan protest organizer. 

 A group of organizations including the Black Legal Action Centre, the CCLA , Aboriginal Legal Services among other groups are taking legal action to mount pressure on the city to speed up their response in an increasingly dangerous situation in shelters.

Route detail here:


For media comment from caravan organizers please contact:
Jessica Lyons-
Simone Schmidt-

To interview Housing, Shelter Safety and Harm Reduction workers and advocates:
Health Providers Against Poverty- Alissa Tedesco (contact Jess Lyons above for contact)
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty- Yogi Acharya –
Shelter and Housing Justice Network- Rafi Aaron
Toronto Overdose Prevention Society- Zoe Dodd


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