Lifting Spirits back this Thursday

By Thursday Keith’s backyard bar will be ready for friends. He’ll be hosting our virtual party Lifting Spirits from his backyard for you all and whomever you’d like to invite, but we’ll have room for one other household at a 2m distance if someone would like to join us for a little variety without risking an actual bar patio. Shoot Keith an email and if the spot hasn’t been claimed, you can have it.


This week we’ll be mixing two cocktails: Pim’s Cup #1 and an Aperol Spritz. Take your pick, acquire the ingredients and Keith’ll walk you through it:
Pim’s Cup #1
Pim’s #1
Lemonade (fizzy or still, fizzy is nice)
Orange and/or cucumber and/or mint for garnish

Aperol Spritz
Aperol (or Peychaud’s Aperitivo)
Orange for garnish

Use a large white wine glass for each of these and have good ice on hand.


After the 7:15 bartending we’ll have the open mic/song circle/poetry reading. Contact Keith at if you’d like to play.

Zoom ID: 675-894-908
Password: 1847


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