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Over the last six months, I’ve tested more than 1,000 people for Covid in hospitals, shelters and homeless encampments

Photograph of neurologist Suvendrini Lena | Photograph by Wade Hudson

“The encampment at Trinity was nestled in the shadow of the Eaton Centre. The church supplied tents and drop-in meals throughout the week. I arrived on testing day, an hour before everyone else, and watched the encampment slowly wake up. The clusters of tents, the bags and boxes and personal belongings, reminded me of the encampments for the internally displaced where I had worked in Sri Lanka. The encampment was divided into two clusters of tents, around 40 in total. One cluster was a close-knit group of youth, young adults and even a pregnant mother and her partner. The other community was led by Indigenous elders, who were asserting their traditional rights by living with and on the land.”

Suvendrini Lena in Toronto Life, September 30, 2020

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