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First Sunday of Advent: Keep Awake!

This morning was the first Sunday of Advent and like many we had our first online advent service. It was a celebration of the possible, of hope, of waiting and perseverance. Jan Richardson’s advent poem, Blessing for Waking was our first reading today and many found it moving and apt. We’ve shared it again at the link above.

Beth Baskin’s sermon called us to stay awake to everything around us and to each other. A wide-ranging discussion was sparked that pushed the edges of our agreed-upon time together. Discussions are never available on recording, you have to join us in person because of the often personal nature of the prayers and discussion.

The music included some Advent classics and a new piece called Hope, by Alex Bevan, performed by Echo Women’s choir, who make their home at Holy Trinity.

The full service (minus personal prayers) follows and Beth’s sermon on its own can be found over here.

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