Faith in Love

Second Sunday of Lent A Sermon from Len Desroches Full Service Recording with Music and Readings Hello everyone, we welcome to join us for the Second Sunday of Lent. We read from the Letter of Paul to the Romans and the Gospel of John. Homily is provided by Leonard Desroches and service coordinated by Beth […]

Force of Love

Fourth Sunday after Epiphany – Sunday Gathering A Sermon from Leonard Desroches Full Service Recording This week we read from Micah and Gospel According to Matthew. The sermon is offered by Leonard Desroches, readers include Marilyn Dolmage and Rob Shropshire, musical coordination from Allison Leyton-Brown and service coordinated by Vivian Harrower.

Turning the other cheek and radical nonviolence

By Len DesrochesAugust 7, 2022 To someone like MLK or Dorothy Day reading the gospels is an affirmation of radical nonviolence. There are also scripture scholars who have a personal commitment to reading the gospels from the perspective of radical nonviolence. Two of these are Walter Wink and Clarence Jordan. Wink once expressed his perspective […]

Which self will win?

7th Sunday after Epiphany – Sunday Gathering Sermon from Len Desroches Hello everyone, this week we read from the Gospel According to Luke as well as “Which Self Will Win?” – a meditation from Dom Helder Camara, Former archbishop in Brazil, who was world renowned for his dedication to the poor and strong defender of […]