Toronto Dollar

The Toronto Dollar project was started in 1998 by a group of community-minded people with a dream – to build a healthier, more prosperous local economy that puts more spending power in the hands of people in need.

You can help us make a difference by using Toronto Dollars. The Toronto Dollar is a local currency that benefits the community by:

  • strengthening the local economy and supporting new businesses
  • keeping your money working and circulating locally
  • bringing decision-making back to the community
  • creating new employment opportunities
  • supporting community projects with the funds received from the 10% merchant contribution

How it works: Consumers exchange 1 Canadian dollar for 1 Toronto dollar through participating organizations, at the Toronto Dollar booth at the St. Lawrence Market (open on Saturdays), or through the ATM in the lobby of the South St. Lawrence Market. You spend Toronto Dollars as you would Canadian dollars at participating businesses. The 10% solution: each time a Toronto Dollar is purchased from Toronto Dollar Inc, 90 cents is deposited in a reserve fund and 10 cents goes to the Toronto Dollar Community Projects Fund. Businesses can spend the Toronto Dollars for services or products at other businesses, hire part-time staff or they can redeem their Toronto Dollars for 90 cents

We continue to be primarily a volunteer organization, attempting to create a supplemental currency to strengthen the community sector and local businesses. We are motivated by justice concerns and are an educational tool for challenging the structure of global currency.

The Toronto Dollar video is available for anyone who wishes to view it. Currently, Toronto Dollars is engaged in a “Count-me-in” campaign to raise twenty thousand Toronto Dollars for free youth programs at the St Lawrence Community Recreation Centre.

Toronto Dollars are available on Sundays from Maggie Panter. For more information see: