Songs from the Heart: 46 Community Hymns – Holy Trinity TO


This is a collection of our locally developed hymn texts and tunes up to 2007.

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Holy Trinity has a long history of liturgical innovation. This is a collection of our locally developed hymn texts and tunes up to 2007.

This first edition was published to celebrate 160 years of life in the heart of Toronto.

Many Thanks to those who made this project possible:

Our hymn writers: Anna Briggs, James Harbeck, Moon Joyce,
Christopher Lind, Elliot Rose, Brian Ruttan, Sandra Sears,
lan Sowton, William Westcott, William Whitla, Becca Whitla

Proofreaders: William Aide, Alan Gasser, Gail Holland, William Whitla

Table of Contents

Advent and Creation

Advent Round
Advent Song
Wisdom Led the New Stars Burning
We Long tor Such Portents
Where Jordan Cuts the Wilderness
Saviour Eternal
How the World Longs for Your Birth
Song of Mary

Christmas and Epiphany, With Baptism

Soon, Yes Soon (Blessing of the Créche)
The Midwife’s Carol
Hush, Little Child
You’ll be a Shepherd
Overpricing, Overcrowding
We’ll Sing in the Morning (Hymn tor a Baptism)
Tiny Little Baby
What Child is This?
Once While Caesar Counted Subjects

Lent and Holy Week

Ash Wednesday
When Jesus Went to the Wilderness
Psalm tor Lazarus
Just as a Deer
What is that Cheering
Hymn tor Good Friday
Whose Blood?


Our Wars and Tumults Now Must Cease
God’s Love Bursts into Bloom
We Fled the City Locked in ‘ear (Road to Emmaus)
Strangers Walking from the City
The Healing Touch

Trinity and Pentecost

To the Trinity
Unto Jerusalem
Let’s Build a Tower
We’re Bound on a Journey
Christians Live in Hope
Climb a Tree


O Christ was a Good Guest
Lovingly Your Stars and Planets


Come and Follow
When God’s Great Day
Living Justice
Deep Lite All Abounding
New Jerusalem
Walking and wheeling
We are Whole and We are Holy


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