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Aleksander Hardashnakov

Art by Aleksander Hardashnakov; photo by Brian Bukowski; copyright 2020; all rights reserved
round up
round down
wound up
and ground
it can seem
like a 

    make a 
       it cant go
        on like

    mal  society fails
    toss a penny
    and pray
    before it falls
we wont slip under
                      the sickle

this may not be hell
      but all is not

Aleksander Hardashnakov (b. 1982, Toronto, Canada) lives and works in Berlin. Recent solo shows include Union Pacific, London; Roberta Pelan, Toronto; 1857, Oslo; Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels; Tomorrow, New York. His work has been part of group exhibitions at Stereo, Warsaw; Cooper Cole, Toronto; Croy Nielsen, Berlin; Dortmunder Kunstverein, and Le Magasin, Grenoble, among others. He is also co-director of the project space The Loon in Toronto.

ON/side our Walls

design by Aleksander Hardashnakov

In the midst of a global pandemic we have, among other things, found ourselves without a venue for anything except relief efforts for the most vulnerable. We are known for our long-standing interest in justice, but we also care deeply about art, music and beauty.

Our Community Director Zachary Grant proposed an outdoor exhibit on our walls where they can bee seen by passersby and also be shared online. He and Oliver Roberts of Loon Gallery together curated this small show of three pieces. We welcome your comments and look forward to exhibiting more work through the summer, including inside if that becomes possible.

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