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Financial update

Dear members of Holy Trinity,

Here is the annual letter and attached is a statement of your givings.  Please check it and make sure it balances with what you think you gave.  Now is the time for corrections to be made.  You will notice that we are trying to reduce the amount of paper the church uses as well as streamline the process.  You should have received both this letter and your statement via email.  As with all new initiatives there is room for error.  Please check your statements carefully.  You may also have received several statement for various family members.  We have tried to not duplicate but we are depending on you to confirm that.

It has been an eventful year as most of you already know.  In April or May our long time bookkeeper Alejandra took a medical leave of absence and we were not able to replace her before she left.  When we hired a new bookkeeper she had to figure things out on her own, with much help from Margot.  But it meant that I was unable to get financial statements over the summer.  This seems to be under control now and we do have statements to the end of September.  We are also trying to improve and simplify the bookkeeping system.  Wish us luck on that front. 

The Church also hired a new community Director.  This was budgeted for and talked about at the annual vestry.  We have been greatly blessed with an extremely competent new staff person Zachary Grant.  I hope you all got to meet him during the cottage meetings.  Zachary and Sherman have been working well together and managing the transfer of tasks from the incumbant’s job descripition to the Community Directors agenda.  The Vestry Executive’s load has been somewhat lightened as well.  I am saying this just in case any of you are thinking about joining the VE TEAM. 

The upcoming year of 2020 will see more big changes happening.  There will be more new hires and changes in staffing structures.  And there will more expenses as we transition towards our shared vision of a rebirthed Holy Trinity community.  We are also looking for new funding sources for our additional programing.  But as usual any additional givings will be greatly appreciated.

I will continue on as the Treasurer for yet another year and look forward to an exciting and rewarding and forward moving 2020.  I am pleased to have you all with me on this journey.

Marty Crowder