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Justice Issues

Trinity Hub update

Greetings Everyone, First and foremost, in addition to regular service, we will also be hosting an ID clinic for people who have lost their ID


Let Justice Roll

Let justice roll, like a mighty riverA-movin’ fast, down to the seaIt will erode, all our foundations Touch every heart, and every nationLet justice roll,


Keep Awake!

Sermon for Advent 1 And what I say to you I say to all: Keep awake.” (Mark 13:37) We begin Advent with news of the


Reign of Christ Sunday

Michael brought forward images of the servant king—and didn’t ignore the sheep and goats—in his excellent homily. The music and prayers were moving. Thanks to


Homily – Abundance

Our Community Director, Zachary Grant, reflects on abundance, inclusion, and our current time. For to everyone who has, will more be given, and he will


173 years of Community

In our 33rd online gathering, Vivian, Rachael and Kevin offered a wonderful morning filled with inspiration and memory. We remembered our saints and accomplishments as

Where do We Go From Here?

Martin Luther King, Jr., The Radical King, ed by Cornel West, “Prophetic Vision: Where do We Go From Here,” 1967; p. 92-93. A true revolution