June 13 – Panter’s Pub 5 – Music in the Street

What: A musical pub night for members (of Holy Trinity) and guests in the old chapel. We’ll gather and listen to live music and sing some great songs together, talk, dance and share libations and maybe hatch some plans. (Live performances from about 8-10pm)

Our nominal theme this month is politics and protest.

Who: HT members and friends. If someone invited you or you consider yourself a member or friend of HT, you’re welcome.
RSVP would be very helpful in planning.

Cost:free, but donations are appreciated. (Cost to run the event are about $120. If we get more we will put it into improving the space and a permanent PA for the chapel/pub)

Food and Drink: Pot luck munchies and BYOB. If you don’t have time, don’t worry, there is generally enough to share.

Entertainment: Keith Nunn and various musical friends will host the stage.  If you want to get up on stage at some point, get in touch with me by the Saturday before and we’ll figure something out.

Helping: There are a number of things we could use help with any number of things, from acquiring items to improve the ambiance to clean up, to picking up and returning the sound system. Please get in touch if you have some time the day of or the day after each show.

Performing: If you are interested in performing (music, poems, reading), then please make careful selections to fit in 10 minutes and please rehearse as best you can. My hope is that this can be a good sharing of art and time together, but I want to resist randomly standing up to do unprepared work. Check with me around your set-up needs to see if you need to come early to set up. If your set-up involves more than a couple of people, you will almost certainly need to come early.