Pentecost Frontal: A Labour of Love

Pentecost frontal embroidery update 2018

by Anna Dohler

In 2004, Rev. Sara Boyles provided “The Patchwork Quilt” from which I took the fifteen sided flames in alternating bright yellow and orange flames, outlined with gold metallic thread. Also the Alpha and Omega in dark red and blue outlines. The second one will be started in 2018. This side has travelled around the world, including Toronto Guild of Stitchery (TGS) meetings each month.
In eleven years, one side of the separate frontal pattern (see June 2017 GTA article in Toronto Star already notified) was completed by Pentecost Sunday 2018. Before the summer is out the second outline side will be started.

The centre section is embroidered with a bargello geometric pattern in fifteen colours-four consecutive colours of yellow, gold metallic, four colours of orange and red, topped by the glow of a blue flame. This is then repeated until the 35 inches is completed. How- ever the gold metallic thread is no longer available, with only enough to embroider the second side. A silver gilt thread will be used in the centre section.

The centre section, almost three feet wide, is stored at the church and only worked during my twice monthly People Presence shifts. Estimated time to complete one colour is six hours, without conversation. And of course, hospitality means conversation! Still working on the bottom before rolling it around the dowels. This may take another fifteen years to complete! Definitely can finish the repeat embroidery.
A big project to undertake, just to fill in my People Presence time, but with the global population, arriving at the Toronto Eaton Centre, it is a conversation starter!
Many people of the Toronto Guild of Stitchery believed the job was too massive to initiate, with many offer-ing advice. But my greatest desire is to thank Mrs. Ietje Jackovich. Not only has she imported from England and donated some of the ten balls of gold metallic thread, but as a summer project, will complete the ecru background.


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