Parish Picnic and Service- June 17th

On Sunday, June 17th, the parishes of Holy Trinity, San Esteban, and St. Paul’s Runnymede  gather together to host an outdoor service and picnic. THERE WILL BO NO SERVICES AT THE CHURCH JUNE 17TH.

Join us at  Area 26 in High Park (directions below)

Ways of getting to the park:


  • take the 506 Carlton streetcar to the end of the line (High Park Loop) walk back out to Parkside Drive and go south or right to High Park Blvd here you turn right to enter the park…
  • take the Bloor Subway to the Keele Station (Keele becomes  Parkside at Bloor) –it’s a bit of a walk, Simply walk straight down Parkside Drive and turn right to enter the park. …Walk past the washrooms to Area 26 picnic shelter on your left.


  • there is parking if you follow High Park Blvd into the park where it becomes Deer Pen Road. Drive past Area 26 picnic shelter to parking on the left.

Wheel-Trans can drive right up to the shelter to drop off