Lifting Spirits 2019

cocktails, food, singing & conversation Refreshment for thinking (and singing) people. The 2019 series started Thursday, September 19 and continues Thurs Oct 17 (Theme is Threes), Thurs Nov 21, and Sat Dec 21 (Winter Solstice songs and warm cocktails – with custom schedule). Doors open at 5:00pm 19 Trinity Square (that big church/castle behind the […]

Happiness and community

One of the items on this morning’s broadcast of Metro Morning was coverage of a report on the happiness of Torontonians (or rather the apparent lack thereof). One of the things that emerged from the conversation is that often people in smaller places are happier because they have stronger community connections and that sometimes the […]

Election resource

Holy Trinity is a member of KAIROS Canada and joins them in the work of creating a more just and sustainable world. KAIROS is offering background information on ecological justice, gender justice, Indigenous rights, and migrant justice. A useful resource in considering the various positions in the upcoming federal election. Give it a look.


Extinction Rebellion activists dressed in black carry candles and the names of murdered activists in the global south.

At Holy Trinity, we often recall those who have gone before us. There are many from our local community and beyond who are named in our litany of the Saints. This post landed in my mailbox from the folks at Extinction Rebellion and caught my eye as a beautiful tribute to the many who have […]