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Hi Folks,

Another day in paradise at Trinity Square- we served an ever growing amount of people who have been displaced through closures and service interruptions. Seemed like over 100 came for lunches, coffee, clothing and other staples. There is a very good feeling down here, that is somewhat hard to describe, but a very familial energy is present with us as we do this essential work to support those on the street.

We were blessed to have lunches and help provided by Merric and Jo Delaney today, as well as Theresa and crew from St. Andrew Kim’s parish. Thank you very much!

We are taking all necessary precautions as they are given by public health units, and remaining in contact with the services that are still open for the most recent updates. Which means we are keeping ourselves and everyone coming in as safe as we can. We have also been smudging with people, thanks to the bounty of sage that Sandra at TUNM grew this last year. We are able to dispense some small amounts of sage to take away and are encouraging smudging as it works to kill bacteria on surfaces and on the body. This is of course in addition to hand sanitizer, gloves and lots of bleach for surfaces.

I know that many have been offering to bring down lunches or other provisions. If you would like to bring things in, please email me or Elizabeth, or call the church office. A staff person is arriving at 10am each day, and we are closing up shop at 2pm in the office. Food and clothing donations are greatly appreciated, as well as any survival items like tarps, sleeping bags, etc. Most are keeping their distance from the shelters, even as we see new sites opening over the day, they are serving limited people, or only people presenting with symptoms. We have been told by the City that we will be reimbursed for costs of food for street involved people, so if you do purchase anything as a donation, please keep the receipt.

We are very committed to being the bridge until emergency services come on line, and continue to assess the situation. We are doing our best to take care of one and other, and continuing to be (now one of the only) a site of love and justice in our downtown community. 

Peace, love and every blessing,
Zachary and the HT team


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