Things we need at HT right now

illustration of colourful open hands. Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Hi Folks,
Things are humming along at Holy Trinity, and I want to let everyone know that all our staff and volunteers are doing good, in good health and spirits.

Thanks to everyone who, in their own way, and in their own abilities, have been helping out serving the most vulnerable. The scene at Trinity Square is very interesting, during our lunch there are droves of people, who then quickly clear off. Lots of new faces.

We have gotten word that the Provincial prisons are releasing people each day, and we are seeing no further advancement on new shelters being opened. Lots of talk, not much action. Our downtown churches are each doing their part in the ways that they can serve the people and there is a lot to be proud of, it feels like we are growing in spirit each day, and our communities are growing in generosity and heart.

If you have the ability to do so, we are accepting donations of pre-made food, or food making supplies, like bread, luncheon meat, cheese, margarine, etc. We are also accepting donations of raincoats, tarps, sleeping bags, tents, clean warm clothing.

We have set up a safe drop time at 10:30 at the south doors of the church. If you are planning on coming, you can respond to this email or call the office line as you make your way down. Please DO NOT COME if you are at risk of the health impacts of coronavirus. We can arrange a way to have your donation picked up, or make alternative arrangements.

We are also accepting prayers! prayers for all the people, the animals, the waters, air and lands, and all the spirits of this place. Pray for us, send your energies, light us a candle!

Peace, love and blessings,