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Dianne Mesh

photo of vineyards in autumn; Photo by Oleg Demakov on Unsplash


“This is it,” we all have thought at one time of another as we surveyed our own fertile hills. “This has all the makings of a stellar success. If I pour all my love and energy into this, the end product can’t help but be awesome, absolutely awesome.” Read more »

“Stay Home”

We were weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic as I headed north from my home on Gloucester Street and approached the Sanctuary. I passed neatly aligned tents, a few with people relaxing on lawn chairs at the front. A dog was resting its head, open-mouthed and panting, on a human knee. A couple of younger guys were playing with a Frisbee.

The place had a bit of a campground vibe but this was not a weekend getaway. These were not city condo dwellers choosing to live rough for a night or two. These people were here because they had nowhere else to go.

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Words & Community

Holy Trinity values and attracts people who believe in the power of words to bring the living Christ into our midst. We place a great deal of faith in the power of words to define who we are as a Christian people and to unite us in a common vision for our church and a common ministry to the world around us.

I know I’m stretching a point here. That none among us really believe that we can articulate our way to salvation. But I wonder if sometimes we don’t forget that.