Lifting Spirits

music, poetry and cocktails with your host, Keith Nunn

Cocktail hour is a state of mind. It is a little bit of ritual that helps unwind from a difficult day or can make us more ready to be with others. Booze is optional, but the time that is taken to make oneself a beautiful drink should be celebrated and cherished.

My vision in creating Lifting Spirits is to capture good parts of cafe, bar and church culture and to celebrate art and beauty while we listen, uphold, challenge, mourn, and celebrate with each other. Currently connected to Holy Trinity TO, this is not a religion, it is a way of being with each other with few rules: be kind, listen, seek joy.

We start with a little cocktail building session at 7:15pm for about 15 minutes. I’m posting the materials list a few days beforehand in the event link below and also in my email broadcast. I have also sporadically created videos to give you some cocktail guidance.

Once we have equipped ourselves with a libation, we’ll wander up to my studio for a little open mic, poetry reading and conversation. If you’d like to play something or recite something, that would be fantastic. We can improvise, but it doesn’t hurt if I have some idea how many want to share something beforehand. In between performances we’ll chat. If the numbers grow enough that it’s hard to chat, then we’ll start to use the breakout rooms.

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April 23 worship online only

While the church building is closed for electrical upgrades we will meet online only. Regular in person worship resumes April 30.