“Stay Home”

We were weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic as I headed north from my home on Gloucester Street and approached the Sanctuary. I passed neatly aligned tents, a few with people relaxing on lawn chairs at the front. A dog was resting its head, open-mouthed and panting, on a human knee. A couple of younger guys were playing with a Frisbee.

The place had a bit of a campground vibe but this was not a weekend getaway. These were not city condo dwellers choosing to live rough for a night or two. These people were here because they had nowhere else to go.

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Photo by Austin Kehmeier on Unsplash

COVID-19 update for the Holy Trinity Comunity

UPDATE: This page is out of date. We will be keeping a special pandemic response page going forward.

I am writing to update you on our planning around Coronavirus. As you may be aware, we have been instructed by the Diocese to restrict our functions to only those that are essential, meaning that they have instructed all churches to not hold coffee hours, shared meals, groups or committees. They have also asked that individuals use their judgement in attending worship, and encourage churches to be creative in live streaming, pastoral visiting, phone calls, etc. They have encouraged that churches that run meal programs for the marginalized continue to do so, and follow precautions outlined by public health authorities.

With discussion from our Vestry Executive, we have decided to remain open for our People Presence and Open Hours programming, throughout the week. To make sure that all of our volunteers, staff, and guests are thought of during this time, we have implemented more rigorous protocols around serving, and a regular cleaning of surfaces and seating. Jim and Elizabeth have done a fantastic job with implementing and explaining changes to our volunteers and guests and we are thankful for their efforts.

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