173 years of Community

In our 33rd online gathering, Vivian, Rachael and Kevin offered a wonderful morning filled with inspiration and memory. We remembered our saints and accomplishments as a community over our many years together and up to the very recent times. It is amazing to me that we are growing stronger in most ways as we live […]

A Revolution of Values

Jo Connelly offered an inspiring homily today that you can read and view below. It was set in the context of speeches by Dr. King, Jesus, and Autumn Peltier and music, ancient and modern, that reflects on justice and injustice. You can view the entire service here… Give to God, what is God’s As the […]

Angels in Isolation

Andres Ramirez-Arana It has been many months since the Province ordered a state of emergency, which forced everybody to stay home, especially seniors. Our church remained open, offering care to anyone who came to our doors 5-6 days a week, between 11-1pm. This was maintained by the efforts of many folks forced to shelter in […]