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BNE PRODUCTIONS in Association with The Church of the Holy Trinity presents: DOUBT by John Patrick Shanley. Previews WEDNESDAY OCT 26 Opening THURSDAY OCT 27, Closes Sun Nov 13th.  Showing… Read More »Doubt

Disrupting Empire – Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem as political theatre

As Canadians and Christians we feel a lot of social pressure to be nice. To not cause trouble. Especially for folks who seem nice. Nobody should be distressed. Let’s keep everything, on the surface anyway, agreeable and pleasant. Well that’s nice isn’t it? Sometimes it’s even a good thing. But sometimes what is required is real honesty. Whether that’s telling our true feelings to a friend who needs to know, or speaking a difficult truth to those in power. Or even challenging our own assumptions.

However, that desire to smooth things over can be overwhelming at times. We may choose silence or couched words over challenging conversation. Or we may avoid someone or something altogether rather than offering a challenge and engagement that might spark personal growth or a healed relationship.Read More »Disrupting Empire – Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem as political theatre