Lifting Spirits and voices

Lifting Spirits just finished its second edition. Thirty years earlier, almost to the day, The Cowboy Junkies recorded their breakout album, The Trinity Session right here at HT. The sound in our space is amazing and we made good use of it. Pub Choir sang three songs from that album and did three more that were a little easier to wrap our lips around and made the room ring.

James Harbeck took some great pictures, though they seem to miss many people, maybe he has more to share. 🙂

Gathering number 3 will be on the winter solstice, Dec 21, starting at 8:30pm with a candlelight Labyrinth walk. We’ll have some joyous cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails too! Pub Choir will teach and sing solstice songs new and old. We hope the broader community will continue to grow–a special invitation has gone out to Christmas Story cast and volunteers and maybe some audience members will stick around for the fun.

The 2018 series will start in late January and include some intentional discussion of important issues in our city. Here are some
dates to put in your calendar and share around:

  1. Thurs, Jan 25 – Reclaiming our City – cocktails, dinner, Pub Choir,
    and group discussion with special guests TBA
  2. Thurs, Feb 15 – Cocktails, dinner, Pub Choir
  3. Thurs, Mar 8 – International Women’s Day – mimosas, flowers, dinner, Pub Choir
  4. Thurs, Mar 15 – Reclaiming our City (housing focus) – cocktails,
    dinner, Pub Choir, and group discussion with special guests TBA
  5. Thurs, Apr 5 – Cocktails, dinner, Pub Choir
  6. Thurs, Apr 26 – Reclaiming our City – cocktails, dinner, Pub Choir,
    and group discussion with special guests TBA

I hope Panter’s Pub will return in the new year, but we’ll have to
test against interest and energy. If you’d like to see Panter’s Pub
return as well Lifting Spirits, let me know. I’m looking at some
Friday nights and have some great artists in mind.


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