Life in Port Colborne is good

Dick Moore

Since the Y closed, I can no longer do my daily 30 lengths. So I dusted off my bicycle, pumped up the tires and I go for a ride every day weather permitting.

Shopping for a week or 10 days is a challenge. Trying to use up the fruits and veggies  before they spoil is a dilemma. I’ve resorted to soups of various types. 

Were also trying to use up things from the freezer. I thought of making blueberry muffins but discovered some plums in the freezer so made plum muffins instead. Delicious.

Libby, the public library app is a godsend. Marty and I are reading some of the same books and  enjoy comparing notes.

I make a point touching base with single folk: my sisters and several friends during the week.

I’m part of an LGBTQ group here in Niagara and we’ve decided to apply for a grant. There have been numerous zoom and phone meetings and material to read and comment on. So that’s another distraction.

I was on the board of Care Watch in Toronto for some years. They advocate for better policy and funding for home care services. 

They asked me to write a piece on the unique needs of older LGBTQ folk with respect to home care. It took me a while to get at it  but when I sat down to write, it just flowed. 

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