What do we do with the King of Kings?

bicycle and cyclist in storm

Keith Nunn, Nov 26, 2017. In case the lectionary readings today didn’t tip you off, this Sunday is called the Reign of Christ. This is the last stop before we start the cycle over with Mary’s story and the infant Jesus. Co-incidentally, the first sermon I delivered after entering theological education was on the reign […]

Many Waters

Here are a few excerpts from our recent Sunday gathering: Many Waters. Come, launch the light canoe; The breeze is fresh and strong: The summer skies are blue, And ’tis joy to float along; Away o’er the waters. The bright-glancing waters, The many-voiced waters. As they dance in light and song. Susanna Moodie Today we […]

Sunday, July 3rd – more Pride at Holy Trinity

Joins us for Pride Part II this Sunday at 10:30 AM.  A reprise of the True Colours and Pulse by Melissa Ethridge will be performed along with some repeated readings. New music will be there and our musician will be William Aide. Parade follows. To be a Proud Anglican visit their Facebook page.   Last week’s bulletin […]

Feast – reflecting on community and intimacy

Our liturgy this morning was on the theme of feast. I am including the reflection I shared, in both text and video forms as well as the bulletin which has most of the service text. There are a few bits missing from the bulletin, but the most exciting bit was that the Fallen Angles played […]

Mary’s Song

This service is on opportunity to delve into Mary’s song musically, emotionally, and physically. The worship leadership will be moving from place to place and we invite you to participate in as many ways as you feel comfortable. We recognize that this does not fit our familiar pattern, but hope the richness of words, images, […]

Disrupting Empire – service text

PDF: HT bulletin Mar 29 Palm Sunday 4 While empire in Jesus’ time consisted of distinct forms of oppression including military occupation, violence, unjust taxation, and slavery, … we have to look deeper and wider to put a recognizable face on empire. … As stated in To Seek Justice and Resist Evil, contemporary “empire is […]