Lovingly Your Stars and Planets

Lovingly your stars and planets tread the blissful reach of space,where in their stupendous singing they return you grace for grace.Though we are a small creation, slight jewel in your crown of lights—you have made us too for learning Love’s demands and Love’s delights. Ceaselessly, without conditions, you have put the lover’s casewhile we spend […]

Let Justice Roll

Let justice roll, like a mighty riverA-movin’ fast, down to the seaIt will erode, all our foundations Touch every heart, and every nationLet justice roll, like a mighty river Through you and me, let justice roll And those who live by rule of powerWill find their swords turned into ploughsAnd all the rich, they shall […]

Wisdom Led the New Stars Burning

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

Wisdom led the new stars burningin the first steps of their dance,and she smiled to see earth blushingat the sun’s warm primal glance.Joyous firstling of God’s action,sign of heaven’s inventiveness,Wisdom plays with clearest pleasurein creation’s lavishness. Cherished darling of God’s bosom. العب كازينو bright Sophia pleads our case;we are creatures she delights in,Wisdom will not […]

Deep Life All Abounding

Photo by MITCH BOEHN on Unsplash

Deep life all aboundingwhose voice goes on soundingthe word of creation through space;your love still is schoolingprime stars in their moving,and new worlds unfurl in your grace. We hear tell the storyof your ample gloryfrom creatures that roll off your tongue:the swimmers, the fliers,all diggers and sliders —the brood that you rear us among. So […]

God’s love bursts into bloom

God’s love bursts into bloomdeep in the dark’s lament,and fills a startled tombwith lively, gracious scent;the stone gives way, death’s head is bruisedand dawn reveals a grave unused. Three loyal women bringspice to anoint their friend,but hear a Glory singCome see, no corpse to tend!What fearful joy! their wild sweet cryof hope salutes the sunrise […]

Homeward Now Shall I Journey

The music of this song travelled to Susie and this community at Holy Trinity from our dear friend Moon Joyce. She told me (on the morning of Gwen Setterfield’s funeral) that she heard it from another dear friend, Michele George. Michele learned it from the man who wrote it, Ron Short. Ron wrote to me, […]

Rights holding corporations bullying users of public domain content

A glimpse at some of what I’m dealing with in maintaining our online presence UPDATED JAN 6, 2021 This may seem esoteric and of little interest to the community of Holy Trinity. I might have agreed 10 months ago before we really posted any online content other than on our website. However, communications and technology […]