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Pandemic Sunday 2

Thank you to everyone who joined us and a special thankjs to everyone who was able to contribute to making it happen: Suzanne Rumsey, Bill Whitla and Jean Robinson for reading; Ian Sowton for his homily; Jo Connolly, Joanna Manning and John Gardham for being part of the Nave team with me at HT; Susie Henderson for putting so much time into getting Ian and many others connected this morning, this could have been a train-wreck without Susie’s support.

Pandemic Sunday 2 at HT
Ian’s Sermon

The recording (without our socializing) is available on Youtube, the bulletin is here, and Ian’s sermon is available on its own. As we tried a bunch of new things, including shared leadership, things got a bit ragged at points, but mostly in a wonderful way. This is not a polished product, it is a joyful one!

See you all next week. xo. Keith

Today at HT

Hi Folks,

Another day in paradise at Trinity Square- we served an ever growing amount of people who have been displaced through closures and service interruptions. Seemed like over 100 came for lunches, coffee, clothing and other staples. There is a very good feeling down here, that is somewhat hard to describe, but a very familial energy is present with us as we do this essential work to support those on the street.

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Pandemic Sunday 1 – A Disparate Gathering

Our original service plan didn’t seem to quite fit the sudden format change or the people who now found themselves leading our first Disparate Gathering of the Community. The result was delightful, if somewhat improvised. Not everyone was able to join us, so here it is. Seems like the audio for the musical parts is a little dodgy. Sorry about that. I’ll see what I can figure out for next time.

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Always Open

It’s important to remember:
church doesn’t close. Ever.

We may need to temporarily stop our face-to-face, full-on-peace-passing, communion-by-intinction,
and offering-of-the-plates,
but the church –
the body of Christ –
is a 24/7/365 reality.

It’s lived, around the world,
and in our homes;
it acts, when our hearts reach out;
it keeps going,
wherever there is one disciple of Jesus,
or two, or three –
living the Way we’ve been taught.

And, with Paul, I’d like to remind you
there is nothing –
there is NOTHING –
not a single thing –
not in the sky above, or the earth below,
not powers, nor principalities,
not things seen, or unseen –
nothing in all creation
that can separate that creation
from God’s love in Christ.

We are the church.
And all ways.

Richard Bott is Moderator of the United Church of Canada. He recently joined with us in a welcome of Toronto Urban Native Ministry to our Spiritual Campus in the heart of Toronto.