Fallen Angles

upcoming services and events


Marty Crowder,
Jennifer Henry,
Keith Nunn,
Rachel Warden


Kevin Bezanson,
Jim Dolmage,
Ian Grundy,
Ron Panter,
Sarah Sackville-McLaughlin,
Michael Shapcott

We’re a pick-up band of Holy Trinity members, formed to lead our worship music from time to time. We try to keep things fun and lively. Currently, we play approximately once a month at 10:30am on a Sunday. We’re open to new players if you wish to join us.

The musical backgrounds of the members are varied and so is the material we tackle. For more information, drop us a line via the contact form on this site.

Yes, it really is Angles, not Angels. It’s a bit of a joke on the frequent misspelling of angels and also on the root of the word Anglican.

some past services and events

  1. Midwives of Loving Justice Dec 23, 2018- The Advent Planning Team is Beth Baskin, Clara Pasieka, Jim Houston, Jo Connolly, Leonard Desroches, Luc Desroches, and Sherman Hesselgrave. The team set this overall theme of Restless Waiting to reflect the unsettled times of our community and the wider world. Advent is traditionally a time of anticipating for the Birth of Jesus, which is … Continue reading Midwives of Loving Justice
  2. Mary, did you know… Dec 4, 2017- Please join us on Dec 24 at 10:30am as we hear courageous voices, starting with Mary and her song. Mary did you know, that your ancient words would still leap off our pages? Mary did you know, that your spirit song would echo through the ages? Did you know that your holy cry would be … Continue reading Mary, did you know…
  3. What do we do with the King of Kings? Nov 26, 2017- Keith Nunn, Nov 26, 2017. In case the lectionary readings today didn’t tip you off, this Sunday is called the Reign of Christ. This is the last stop before we start the cycle over with Mary’s story and the infant Jesus. Co-incidentally, the first sermon I delivered after entering theological education was on the reign … Continue reading What do we do with the King of Kings?
  4. Picnic in High Park June 18 May 30, 2017- SERVICE – PICNIC Sunday, June 18, 2017 @ 11:00 AM Area 26 in High Park (directions below) Join us and invite your friends! Service: 11:00 AM in Area 26 at High Park, this is the only service on June 18. This will be a fun, intergenerational service in High Park. The music will be contemporary … Continue reading Picnic in High Park June 18
  5. Many Waters May 28, 2017- Here are a few excerpts from our recent Sunday gathering: Many Waters. Come, launch the light canoe; The breeze is fresh and strong: The summer skies are blue, And ’tis joy to float along; Away o’er the waters. The bright-glancing waters, The many-voiced waters. As they dance in light and song. Susanna Moodie Today we … Continue reading Many Waters
  6. Blessing of the Bikes! May 25, 2017- At the end of this Sunday’s service, we will be blessing bikes and riders as the weather warms up. Join us this Sunday, and bring your bike, your helmet, and your bell for a little extra spiritual help this biking season. This service also features the music of the Fallen Angles, our in-house band and … Continue reading Blessing of the Bikes!
  7. a long walk to freedom Feb 7, 2016- On February 21 at 10:30am we will reprise a powerful theme from last year: “Freedom”. We’ve been digging the roots of african-american spirituals. We were particularly moved by an interview and song sharing with Joe Carter you can listen to here. I would encourage you to listen, whether you are going to attend this service or … Continue reading a long walk to freedom
  8. Feast – reflecting on community and intimacy Jan 17, 2016- Our liturgy this morning was on the theme of feast. I am including the reflection I shared, in both text and video forms as well as the bulletin which has most of the service text. There are a few bits missing from the bulletin, but the most exciting bit was that the Fallen Angles played … Continue reading Feast – reflecting on community and intimacy
  9. Sunday Mornings at Holy Trinity Jan 5, 2016- We worship together every Sunday at 10:30 AM The service includes: Readings, not always exclusively Biblical Music on organ, piano, and sometimes with a live band Prayers, spoken and sung A time of sharing community news and holding that news up in prayer Eucharist, sometimes known as communion or Lord’s Supper During the service separate … Continue reading Sunday Mornings at Holy Trinity
  10. Mary’s Song Dec 20, 2015- This service is on opportunity to delve into Mary’s song musically, emotionally, and physically. The worship leadership will be moving from place to place and we invite you to participate in as many ways as you feel comfortable. We recognize that this does not fit our familiar pattern, but hope the richness of words, images, … Continue reading Mary’s Song

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